Katharine Schofield

About me

It takes a certain set of skills and a particular awareness of the mental processes at work to investigate the relationship between two people, whether same sex or opposite sexes. In addition, it takes a certain degree of specialist training to be able to manage the three people in the room (therapist and couple). I have trained for 4 years, 3 of those being specifically with couple relationships as my focus. Although I also work with individuals on their relationship problems it is this very specific training that helps me understand and deal with relationship problems more fully than someone who has completed a general counselling or psychotherapy training.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, I will be conducting sessions through a mix of face to face and online. Please contact me for more details.

My training

The centre I trained and worked at for many years, now called Tavistock Relationships, is a centre of excellence both in terms of offering clients therapy and in terms of training therapists. They are able to attract the best talent in this field to help train their staff.  As clients you would benefit from this deep knowledge base and intensive training.

My experience

Counsellors and therapists who have finished their training are not required to go through any further training before they can see clients privately. For my part, however, I have seen clients both in my own private practice and within the Tavistock Relationships organisation over the course of 17 years so I bring with me a wealth of experience with all sorts of client groups and relationship problems.
In addition, I have lived and worked abroad and in other industries before becoming a couples therapist so I believe I bring with me a large amount of life experience that helps me to understand the stresses and strains modern living puts on couple relationships.

Types of relationship issues

It would be impossible for me to list all of the problems I have worked with over the years and the list is of course never comprehensive as everyone’s problems are unique. However, I have frequently encountered problems with infidelity, trust, communication, sex, parenting, attitudes to money, culture and the life cycle (ageing, infertility, new parents, redundancy, menopause, empty nest).  I also often work with people who have suffered trauma in early life and people who suffer from addictions. I see people in all types of couple.
If you are an individual who is not in a relationship but has had difficulties forming relationships or with a specific past relationship I may also be able to help you make sense of this and move on.


“Katharine’s warm and considered approach allowed us, as a couple and individuals, to discuss issues which we found difficult to address at home. Through her careful guidance, we discovered new ways of expressing and dealing with our daily and long-standing relationship problems. Without Katharine’s help, our circumstances would now be very different” A&H

“Katharine helped us create a safe space within which we could begin to communicate again. She was always a warm, highly skilled and talented professional.”  B&B


I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. This means I have completed a course accredited by them and it also means I agree to work within their Code of Ethics. Essentially this code assures that I behave professionally and always put your interests first.  The BACP require me to engage in regular supervision and in continuous professional development. They would also be the arbiters in any complaints procedure.
I have full professional indemnity insurance and am registered as a data controller by the Information Commissioner’s Office.


BA Hons (Cantab) – 1996
Certificate – Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy – WPF – 2003
Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Marital and Couple Therapy, Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships – 2007


I offer a 20 minute initial chat free for anyone wanting to put a face to a name. I then carry out hourly assessment sessions which can take between 1-4 sessions and cost £75 each for a couple and £55 for individuals.  This is to ensure I am the right person to be able to help you and we have a good rapport.  Most people find these sessions helpful in themselves to clarify their problems and see things from another perspective, even if we decide not to continue working together long term.
Once we embark on ongoing work, sessions of 50 mins weekly cost £55 for individuals and £75 for couples. Payment can be made weekly or monthly by card, cash, cheque or bank transfer.


I work from two locations, one in SW14 and one in Kingston upon Thames.  Depending on the time of the session, I either work from a dedicated office in my home or a room in a serviced office block. Both rooms are quiet, safe and comfortable. Once there you cannot be seen or heard so they are totally confidential settings; this is important when discussing difficult issues.
Trains run frequently to Mortlake or Norbiton, there are various bus routes serving both locations and free parking nearby. There are also facilities to leave your bike in both locations.
During the Covid pandemic I will also be seeing clients online using Zoom, FaceTime or Skype video conferencing.

What’s a session like

In an initial assessment I will ask you more questions than usual to get a history of your relationship and background. In ongoing sessions there will be times when I will just let you speak and say little, and times when I may reflect on what you are saying and offer another perspective. I use your personal history to gain an understanding of what patterns from the past may be repeating themselves in your relationship.  What I don’t tend to do is give “advice” or actual exercises to carry out between sessions. I rarely recommend reading material and I will not keep secrets for one partner from another. The couple is my client (unless you only ever come to see me on your own).  I try to see couples together as much as possible but I will consider seeing a client alone if their partner is away or unwell.  This would need to be agreed in a previous session.


Although you may live or work in the area, you can be assured of complete confidentiality and privacy should you see me outside our sessions. I only discuss my cases with my supervisor and I keep all information safely stored as per recommendations from the Information Commissioner’s Office.


I believe that consistency is key if we are to really move things forward in your relationship. I therefore ask you to commit to coming every week where at all possible. However, I am fully aware of the demands of modern life so if you do have to cancel I ask you to provide me with 72 hours’ notice. Any less than this results in a cancellation fee.
I keep communication outside the sessions to a minimum – this means I do not work on your problems by email, I will be very brief if we meet in the street and I do not connect with clients via social media.


I am reachable by email at and by phone at